Pennywise,PepperThursday, April 23,at the Palladium Ballroom

Maybe it's to their detriment—or maybe these bands just happen to know exactly what their devoted audiences want—but Pennywise and Pepper preach to the choir.

Keep in mind this is a choir large enough to fill a venue like the Palladium.

Pennywise spreads its pep talks through mosh pits while Pepper blends a tight, mellow vibe through reggae and rock. You know what you're going to get when you listen to either band's records, and the same can be said with their live sets: Mosh pits will abound, and youthful energy will be exerted.


Pennywise, Pepper

Thankfully, though, you can enjoy the show in the comfort of an indoor venue instead of standing in a parking lot in the middle of the summer. And fans won't have to worry if Pennywise will disappoint; as long as the band closes with "Bro Hymn," it'll be a worthwhile show.


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