Picture Show: The King of Pop (Sort Of) At the Lodge (Really.)

Picture Show: The King of Pop (Sort Of) At the Lodge (Really.)
Danny Hurley

If you've seen Scary Movies 3 or 4, or have friends who went an offbeat direction with their wedding entertainment, you may already be familiar with the work of Michael Jackson impersonator extraordinaire Edward Moss.

If you rolled into The Lodge last night expecting to grab a beer at your usual Tuesday night table for your usual Tuesday night view, by now you're also well familiar with Moss' talents which -- while they include elaborate costume changes, makeup and dance moves, also include lip-synching to MJ's hits.

It's been a good long while since DC9's last memorable visit to the gentlemen's club (or to this one), but squint a little and this sight is almost too weird. Grapple with the thought of Michael Jackson sharing a stage with strippers, surrounded by big cats on a rocky outcropping, cheered on by the seventy-somethings in the front row. It's all true -- see for yourself in our slideshow.

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