Pinkish Black's New Album Is Streaming Now

Pinkish Black's New Album Is Streaming Now
Naomi Vaughan

Fort Worth's fanciest metal band Pinkish Black has a new album coming out, and Pitchfork still loves them. Still loves them so much, in fact, that they're offering a free stream of that album, called Razed to the Ground right now, a week ahead of its official release. You can preorder the album here.

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The music site's previous encounters with the band include a respectful review of last year's self-titled effort. On the home front, our own Ken Shimamoto wrote a wonderful feature on the band last year. It's still one of my favorite recent pieces of music writing.

Let's listen together, shall we? I'm two tracks in. Will you forgive me if I tell you winter is coming?

Listen to the New Pinkish Black album on Pitchfork

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