Pitchfork Pets FUR, Purrs At "Black Castles"

Pitchfork Pets FUR, Purrs At "Black Castles"

We kinda figured we wouldn't be the only ones to dig on some of the Denton-based Bryce Isbell's latest work under his FUR moniker: Just over an hour ago, Pitchfork offered up its take on FUR's collaboration with Neon Indian frontman Alan Palomo, "Black Castles," a song we offered up as a free download back in November.

Says the taste-making site of the track: "'Black Castles', featuring Neon Indian's Alan Palomo, bears some of the sonic trademarks of that project: retrofuturist synths, drum machines, and some oddball samples to kick it off."

FUR's debut full-length on the currently Denton-raiding, Sacramento-based Waaga Records, Witches, will see its official release on February 23, you might recall. We're pretty excitedly looking forward to hearing more of the Isbell's futuristic electro-trance. But you already knew that.

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