Playlist: Orange Peel Sunshine

On Orange Peel Sunshine's recently released self-titled album, the Josh Campbell-led outfit takes post-punk for an enjoyable spin around the American rock block. And though the collection's production comes with a polish that detracts from the ferocity of certain songs, that slight issue is made up for with scorching numbers like "Verbal Toxins." That Pixies-esque track would make fellow Dallas rockers Here Holy Spain proud, what with its ability to thrash and wail while still boasting a melody.

But not only do Campbell and crew have an ear for garage-rocking melodies; they know how to get one's head bobbing, too. Well-timed shifts in tempo that birth some seriously anthemic moments: "Cigarettes Burned and Gone," in particular, is as repeat-worthy a tune as one's likely to hear anytime soon.

OPS has existed in one form or another for more than a decade, so it's of little shock that once a lineup of theirs really took hold they would eventually release an album that aggressively and effectively proffers varying textures while still feeling imminently cohesive.


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