ClearCut's—JC Schuster and Mike Manning—debut single spent some time on MTV's Beach.
ClearCut's—JC Schuster and Mike Manning—debut single spent some time on MTV's Beach.

Please Release Me

Eisley brothers....and sisters: Entertainment Weekly gave Tyler's family supergroup Eisley a big thumbs up a couple weeks back. Music journo Andy Greenwald gave the group's second disc, Combinations, a B+, noting, among other things, that the "towheaded Texans" are "unlike stereotypical family bands," as "their music is neither pathologically cheery nor intrinsically creepy." We keep trying to find some Hanson/Eisley cornfed-musical-family sex joke, but we're too lazy.

Re: Re-releases: Tuesday, October 23, record company Sony/BMG/We Will Soon Rule the World by Consolidating All Entertainment Companies Records re-releases Texan Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl. You remember that one—it's his comeback album co-produced by Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty in the midst of that whole Traveling Wilburys thing. The reissue features a new bonus track, "You May Feel Me Crying" from the soundtrack to Wim Wenders' The End of Violence. Sony/BMG/WWSRTWBCAEC will also release, that same day, Orbison's King of Hearts, a collection of his final recordings, demos and singles. Bonus track: From the Less Than Zero soundtrack, "Life Fades Away." Sure does; just ask Julian...On November 6, guess which record company will be cashing in on the legacy that we hold so dear, that of Oak Cliff's Stevie Ray Vaughan? Yup, Sony/BMG/We're Watching You, Illegal Music Downloader, and We're About to get all Sopranos on Your Ass Records drops Solos, Sessions & Encores, which includes some "wicked live jams" with SRV and the likes of B.B. King, Albert Collins, Bonnie Raitt and others. Same day sees the re-release of the SRV DVD Pride and Joy, with all his videos and stuff.

State of Fair: You know we gotta give you a Fair to Midland update, since these guys have taken the alt-metal world by storm. The riffsters have returned from a European tour, during which they played at the Wacken, M'era and Metal Hammer festivals, and now are preparing for an appearance at the San Diego Street Scene Festival in late September and a fall tour with Chevelle.

More CD News: Texas/Red Dirt band No Justice release their Live at Billy Bob's Texas CD/DVD on Tuesday, September 4, and will have a release party at same on Friday, September 7. No Justice lands in a fine class with the recording, joining others like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and David Allan Coe, who have also recorded for the CD/DVD series...Fort Worth's The Frontier Brothers, currently making a buzz with their weird pop, will release their debut EP, Solar Power Struggle! on October 23. Till then, the cool news is the band will be playing in the old Gypsy Tea Room space (as it is currently known) on September 28.

Didja Know...: ...that Plano duo ClearCut, who play Friday, September 14, with Smooth Choppy and Likely Story at House of Blues, had their first single, "Life of the Party," played on the first season of MTV's Laguna Beach?...that there's a National Tejano Music Convention and Awards, and they plan to hold their, uh, C&A in Dallas in 2008? Prepare for the ubiquitous sound of accordions echoing off the skyscrapers...that Bo Diddley is back in the hospital after he had a heart attack on August 24? We know that's not local news, but we just thought you should know.


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