Posin', Poison Cherry

Everyone loves a good time. And nobody had a better time than '80s glam-metal hitmakers Poison. Not only did they revel in many good times, they desired to have nothing but, a pursuit meticulously chronicled in their hit single "Nothin' But a Good Time." Because when you want nothing more than a good time, very little else matters. And this is good news for Poison cover bands such as Posin' and Poison Cherry. Originality. Creativity. Subtlety. As long as you're having a good time, a hair-metal tribute band needs none of these. In some ways there's a proud dignity afforded a band that, instead of rehashing the work of their influences and trying to pawn it off as their own brilliant and insightful mélange, chooses to elaborately pantomime classic cock-rock heroes and their every guitar lick and high kick for the squealing delight of a half-dozen hair-metal tribute band groupies. Because, like their good-time-wanting godfathers before them, these guys understand that when you don't want nothin' but a good time then it simply "don't get better than this." They go on to say, "Huh! Guitar!"


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