Poster of the Week: London Nights at minc

We always appreciate it when visual artists and musicians collaborate, whether it’s by putting on a big event, holding a concert in a gallery or museum, or complementing live music with interesting visuals. But we don’t want to overlook the smaller ways in which visual artists and musicians work together, or the visual artwork created by the musicians themselves. That’s why we're highlighting show flyers in this weekly feature.

Poster of the Week: London Nights at minc

Perhaps my anticipation for this movie is clouding my judgment, but this Joker-themed flyer for London Nights at minc tomorrow night really stood out this week. In fact, it was eye-catching enough to get me to read the entire thing, even though it’s promoting a dance party, something I normally wouldn’t have much interest in. You have to look pretty closely just to discern just who and what the thing is promoting, which normally isn’t a good thing for a promotional piece. In this case, though, it’s engaging enough that it demands closer attention.

Mike Detloff, who will DJ at the event, designed the poster, which certainly put a smile on my face. --Jesse Hughey

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