Poster Of The Week: Lumberjack V

Poster Of The Week: Lumberjack V
This week's pick is a bit anticlimactic, I'll admit. We already ran the poster on Tuesday, in Daniel Rodrigue's post about the Spitfire Tumbleweeds' final (or is it???) show. But nothing else really grabbed my attention the way this stark, subtly spooky image did. Plus, it does a good job of capturing the spirit of the Tumbleweeds' tongue-in-cheek gothic country rock. And, as Rodrigue pointed out, it's a brawny lineup indeed, with Dove Hunter, Brent Best, Pinebox Serenade, The Make Believers, Delmore Pilcrow and George Neal supporting the 'Weeds at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton Saturday.

I'm awaiting the artist's name, which I should be able to add pretty soon.

Update: "The poster was designed by H.P. Bloomer, a former student of the event's organizer Harlin Anderson," according to an email from Scott Porter.

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