Pretty Girls Make Graves, She Wants Revenge

Two of the hit men responsible for Seattle's renowned Murder City Devils will suffer an awkward reunion at the Tea Room. Drummer Coady Willis is now responsible for one-half of Big Business' ear-shattering enterprise and one-fourth of the Melvins' monolithic drone metal, while bassist Derek Fudesco went on to form the exuberant dance-punk outfit Pretty Girls Make Graves. The latter is touring in support of Élan Vital, the band's third and most fully realized album to date. Its New Romance is due largely to the addition of keyboardist Leona Marrs whose electronic wizardry and gorgeous harmonies only strengthen femme fatale Andrea Zollo's siren vocals, making songs such as "Parade" and "The Number" sound like both a call to action and to the dance floor. Just don't go expecting to hear "Murder City Riot" or "Boom Swagger Room." Moody Joy Division connoisseurs She Wants Revenge get the death toll started early.


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