Preview: Glamorama, Ynfynyt Scroll EP Release at Beauty Bar

The Track Meet DJ crew is throwing yet another themed party, this one in the glittering confines of Beauty Bar, to celebrate the release of Ynfynyt Scroll's new EP, Let Me See It. YS is the moniker of former North of the Dial columnist Rodrigo Díaz, and I'll just let the words of the press release convey the #Feelings you might have tonight: "Let Me See It is strictly rhythm + verbal altercations over fashion + glamorous ladies & gentlemen + forceful and confusing sexuality. It is dance as a personal performance. It's the c-word and the f-word and the p-word and the b-word." Warning: This is a black-light party, so make sure you don't wear that blazer with the mustard stain.


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