Preview: Linus Pauling Quartet at LaGrange

Houston's Linus Pauling Quartet recently showed up on Lee Jackson in Space, the tribute album for late Texas music writer Lee Jackson, but the quintet arrives in Dallas on the heels of their first album in five years, Bag of Hammers. Their herb-assisted psych excursions have long been the foundation of Houston's experimental music scene, and their epic press release gives you a little insight into what they were brewing: "Through those years, they traveled to the highest mountains in search of men and women who were as ancient as they were wise. They have sought out lost texts of the ancients at great peril. They have basked in the love of the most beautiful of Elvin women and suffered the hatred and violence of the foulest mountain orcs." So, yeah, you'll want to be appropriately blunted. Wo Fat headline and Big Sandy Gilmer and FTW open.


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