Preview: Thurston Moore, Friday, February 10, at the Texas Theatre

If you look at the direction of Thurston Moore's three solo records — released over the span of 16 years starting in 1995 — you can't help but notice he's getting further away from Sonic Youth. 1995's Psychic Hearts was heavy and angular, and 2007's Trees Outside the Academy mellowed out substantially. But on his most recent effort, the Beck-produced Demolished Thoughts, the music has been all but stripped of the Fender Jazzmaster Moore is rarely seen without, allowing flourishes of harp and violin to provide the album's signature. The sound is a well-orchestrated and simple blend of melancholy and tension, perhaps an indication of Moore's personal troubles. Just last year, Moore and his bandmate and wife, Kim Gordon, announced their separation. The revelation shines a new light on the record's beautifully dark vibe, which is sure to permeate the Texas Theatre's ancient walls.


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