Probably The Last DOMA Post Of The Year. Also: Videos!

Thanks to the guys at Gutterth, who apparently filmed the whole Best Instrumentalists set at last week's DOMA Ceremony, you can now relive that pretty awesome showcase of talent--at no cost!

Also, thanks to the folks at the Granada, you can also catch individual song performances from the most of the other performers from throughout the night: Doug Burr, Sarah Jaffe, The Whiskey Folk Ramblers, THe BAcksliders and Record Hop (no word on Lil Wil or any of The Cannabinoids' sets, though). So, check those out, too.

But first, the full set of the Best Instrumentalists' pretty genius re-interpretations--all five of 'em--after the jump. --Pete Freedman

Performing Record Hop's "Maths":

Performing Ghosthustler's "Parking Lot Nights":

Performing Dove Hunter's "The Sparrow Spooked The Crow":

Performing Doug Burr's "Slow Southern Home":

And, lastly, performing The Crash That Took Me's "Julianne":


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