R. Kelly

R. Kelly must love it when media outlets poke fun at him. Lord knows I've reveled in the comedy afforded by both an alleged underage sexual encounter and an episodic soap-opera single ("Crapped in the Closet," July 7, 2005), as have most people utterly baffled by how the Chicago native stays on top after so much insanity. But the answer's simple: On CD, Kelly does it right. Who else could turn lovemakin' with vegetables in the kitchen into one of the smoothest jams on last year's TP.3 Reloaded? If anything, the attention only attracts great beat makers and inspires Kelly to sing his damn heart out, and his blazin' live performances (in concert, sicko) ensure that his stay at the top of the R&B world won't be burdened by a scandal anytime soon.


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