Radiohead, Liars

Radiohead's only the best live band in the world, as evidenced by the countless in-concert bootlegs (and the sole official release) that way outstrip the studio efforts, even when recorded from inside a concertgoer's back pocket 5,294 rows from the stage. Since The Bends, anyway, the albums have sounded as though they were recorded in a freezer unit in a vacuum in a vault; there's a distance there—the sound of a band keeping the audience at arm's length, lest you brush against Thom Yorke while he's But live, it's a whole 'nother story: raw, roaring, rocking—a monster-truck rally with guitars, with Jonny Greenwood behind the wheel and the audience just begging to get run over. Alas, it's sold out—but go and hang out behind Starplex anyway. No doubt you'll hear it. Feel it too, even better.


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