Radney Foster, Zane Williams

There isn't anything simple about an artist injecting the natural beauty of true simplicity into one of his songs. And, sadly, today's country music landscape is littered with catchy ditties that aim for an unaffected purity but instead fall into a clichéd and brain-dead compost pile filled with recycled anecdotes on life in Hickville, U.S.A.

Current McKinney resident Zane Williams is a relatively new name to many who follow Texas country music, but he's been crafting simple songs and gaining the respect of his peers for many years. After seeing a respectable level of success in the Nashville hit-machine as a songwriter, Williams busted out his G.T.T. sign and pointed his truck south in order to revive his performing career.

Songs from Williams' recent release, The Right Place, traverse the Texas roadhouse crossroads of honky-tonk country, rock and storytelling. The title track wastes no words in explaining how life's simple pleasures, such as "a slow dance and a stranger to hold you tight" might just be the remedy for a soul looking for answers, whether they be permanent or momentary.


Radney Foster, Zane Williams

The immensely well-regarded Radney Foster, who seems to write a smash hit every year, has enthusiastically jumped onto Williams' bandwagon. Williams has recently opened up some shows for the hit-maker, who also serves as an apt comparison for the up-and-coming Williams. The two talented songsmiths will be playing together at Poor David's Pub, perhaps Dallas' premier venue for the simple pleasure of authentic tales being told through the strums of an acoustic guitar and a hushed, appreciative crowd.

On a related note, the venue turns a whopping 33 years old this month.


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