Rahim Quazi, Teenage Symphony, the Antiques

The lovely ladies over at FineLineLive.com continue their maternal resuscitation of the local scene as they proudly present Club DaDa's Featured Artist of the Month, Rahim Quazi. Mr. Quazi's first record was an exercise in melodic indie melancholy occasionally garnished with flutes and strings and such. He's now at the tail end of recording his sophomore effort, and what better place to test out some of those new folk pop ditties than a recurring weekly slot at a respected, resurrected Deep Ellum institution? Quazi's residency kicks off tonight, and Plano's Teenage Symphony is on board to unfurl its ghostly psychedelic chamber music to any and all attending. And that includes you. With the Felons and the Antiques rounding out the bill, this show has all the necessary components to be, as the Fine Line gals might say, "filled with creamy goodness."

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