Raised by Tigers, The Grass Fight

A duo of Denton bands will make the arduous trip to, uh, Denton to rock the room at Secret Headquarters. The Grass Fight is a good time for those who like Joy Division but wish they rocked a little harder. Not too much harder, just, ya know, maybe a short-hair harder. Ever-so-slightly fuzzed guitars alternately chug and explode between Nathan Forster's yawns and yowls—let's call it "retro-new-wave-pseudo-shoegaze." (Don't like that? OK, how about, "Astroglide-peanut-butter-dust?" It makes just as much sense.) Sharing the bill are Raised by Tigers, a band that casts a bit of a wider net with spindly guitar arpeggios, atmospheric plings and plangs, and operatic indie rock melodies, all with an appreciable amount of jangle to them. We know what you're thinking. Do words such as "pling," "plang" and "jangle" mean anything at all? No, of course they don't. But when the cover is "more than likely" just $3, words don't have to make sense anymore. Fleeble dee skleeble doo.

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