Rilo Kiley, Neva Dinova

Say what you will about your Arcade Fire and your Fiery Furnaces, but if it's indie that looks beyond itself for inspiration that you're after, you'll do no better than hanging your hat with L.A.'s Rilo Kiley, two embarrassingly talented (ex-child star) singer-songwriters and the rhythm section that supports them. More Adventurous, the quartet's album from last year, is a mini-masterpiece of tuneful, engaged scenery-chewing, and onstage they play like they don't just want to impress each other (or you). Omaha-based openers Neva Dinova are much, much better when they play fake French cafe music than when they play miserable-student folk-pop dirges. Denton's answer to the Flaming Lips, Midlake, was recently added to the bill.


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