Rocket Summer Debuts on TRL

Rocket Summer Debuts on TRL

The Rocket Summer just got word its video for "So Much Love" is going to premiere on MTV's TRL next Wednesday, Oct. 24. The video is only slated to show once, but then fans can bring it back. In a MySpace post the band (a.k.a. Bryce Avary) posted its excitement:

We are all pretty blown away by this concept. When I put out my first cd in 1999, 8 years ago, I wondered if ever one day we’d have a video played on “mtv” and kinda figured it would never happen, but now it looks like we’re finally getting that shot. Wow.

As it stands now they are just playing it once, but then after that it’s up to everyone else to decide if it’s something that should stay on MTV. So, we need YOU – Big Time! Please watch on Wednesday and then start voting online to keep us on!

We're happy for him. You should be, too. -- Chelsea Ide


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