Roky Erickson at the Kessler Theater

The trajectory of Dallas' own Roky Erickson has been quite riveting. From his time in Houston psychedelic pioneers the 13th Floor Elevators to being committed to a mental institution to his strange solo career in the '80s, his story has all the makings of a Greek myth. (The 2007 documentary You're Gonna Miss Me is a great place to start if you're unfamiliar.) His re-emergence in the last decade came as a surprise to many, but he's subsequently put out some of his best work (2010's True Love Cast Out All Evil) and has been collaborating and touring again, picking up a new generation of fans. Seeing him at the Kessler brings it full circle, and if you can find the 1979 recording of Erickson live in Dallas with the Nervebreakers, it's worth a listen. James Hall & the Futura Bold open.


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