Rudder, Oso Closo, Snarky Puppy

Although the headliner, Rudder, is a highly regarded quartet from New York City, it's the local boys who are the real stars of this triple bill. Both Oso Closo and Snarky Puppy are products of the University of North Texas' prestigious music program, but they traverse areas far removed from the standard 1 O'Clock Lab Band experience. Bursting at the seams with 11 members, Snarky Puppy throws some serious funk and indie soul into their lengthy and abstract jams. Drawing on influences as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Erykah Badu and Björk, this Puppy somehow manages to go in multiple directions while remaining imminently listenable. Oso Closo has been around since 2004 but didn't get around to releasing a CD until April of this year, but Rest was certainly worth the wait. Ambitious and occasionally overloaded, the songs of Adrian Hulet and crew leave no solo behind, as each member is unafraid of showing off his instrumental dexterity. If technique is what you're looking for, this show will feature enough shredding and bombast to please fans of metal and jazz alike.


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