Sarah Jaffe Releases Super Adorable Video Bio

There's a lot to enjoy about the above video bio for Sarah Jaffe , which the folks at Kirtland Records had been sneakily keeping under wraps until they released it on Friday as part of a little love sent Jaffe's way from the folks at Teen Vogue .

For starters: The line, "I wanted to rock... but rock mildly" just kills me. So, too, do the Young Sarah Jaffe characters played by Midlake guitarist Eric Nichelson's cherubic offspring.

And, hey, it's always nice to see Dan's Silverleaf get some attention, too.

Anyway, it's awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I want to see the full-length feature version. Give it a watch and see what I mean. Then, head on over to Teen Vogue to check out an alternate, piano-heavy talk on Jaffe's calling card of a song, "Clementine," which Teen Vogue debuted and which will be available for purchase as part of Jaffe's upcoming, no-really-we-swear The Way Sound Leaves a Room EP.

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