Sarah Reddington, New Science Projects, Daniel Folmer and Chris Garver

Listening to Sarah Reddington's debut full-length, All Our Friends Have Gone Missing, one hears a band bursting with potential. From the lovely slacker twang of "A Girl and Her Grocer" to the Pavement-esque crescendo of "I Had a Bad Dream," it's clear the young Denton group has the sad-eyed stoner shuffle down, placing themselves firmly in the pantheon of jangly depressives such as the Mendoza Line and the Velvet Underground. Unfortunately for us, their potential won't be realized here in North Texas—the band's moving to Portland, Oregon, where one might assume lead Decemberist Colin Meloy would quickly fall for their literate wordplay and gnarly nautical cover art. Let's just hope they don't get turned into some cutesy pirate band. Bon voyage and good luck, kids. We'll see ya when you're famous.


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