Say Hi to Your Mom

In his Brooklyn apartment, Eric Elbogen creates detailed narratives based on classic science fiction and horror themes and somehow manages to make his paranoid vision work. Ferocious Mopes was one of 2005's best collections of warped indie-rock, an amalgamation of ambient electronica and angular pop played with a joyous garage-rock aesthetic. "The Twenty-Second Century" and "The Forest Scares the Hell Out of Me" are hesitant looks into a bleak future, songs held together by a belief in the power of music as seemingly disparate as Iggy Pop and American Analog Set. The current effort, Impeccable Blahs, while not as instantly tuneful, flaunts its tales of vampires and demons with commendable self-confidence and somewhat creepy sincerity. With a proper band in tow, Elbogen is capable of leading Say Hi to Your Mom in even more transcendent directions, enlivening his point of view with the necessary input of those outside of his peculiar loop.


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