The Staggers play an all-ages show at Blue Cat Blues on April 29.
The Staggers play an all-ages show at Blue Cat Blues on April 29.

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A few months ago, we hinted that The Adventures of Jet might be permanently grounded, calling it quits, breaking up, however you want to say it. Not true. Yes, the band has taken a break from live appearances, but AOJ is still very much in effect. The proof: A song from the group's forthcoming album, "I Don't Wanna Drag," is now available for download from

To clear up any further confusion, AOJ frontman Hop Litzwire recently sent out an e-mail, a state of the rock address, if you will. Hop, you have the floor.

On breaking up: "There have been rumors that the band is winding down. They would be false. We have put shows on hold for now as we work on our new record and a few video projects for both our last and forthcoming releases. But don't let the lack of appearances fool you. I didn't see Rush playing down the street every weekend in 1979, and the Exit Stage Left tour still smoked. Oh, and XTC never toured, and they still ruled from '78-'85 (we won't discuss subsequent records), but we wouldn't do the no-tour thing to you. We are working on the plans for a couple of all-encompassing tours in the summer/fall, and we will certainly notify everyone when they form."

On a new album: "We are not exactly sure when the record we are working on will be released, but we would like to think that it will be by midsummer. After we complete it, it will then be up to My Records as to when they feel the time is right. We have had some technical difficulties, which have pushed our completion date back a bit (we had originally hoped it would be totally completed by now), but we expect to complete it by sometime in May, and then an appropriate release date will be set.

"The record is sort of a concept piece with a muscle-car theme. The topics involve a community of young people who I visualize as living in the late '60s (when muscle cars were at their peak) but living more of a throw-back-to-the-late-'50s life, and who have a common connection and love for a specific category of car. The songs are not necessarily about the cars themselves, however, but more about the loves, losses, victories and dreams of the people in the fictional environment precariously developed in the collection of songs.

"It's kind of an homage to both the cars and the car songs of the late '50s to late '60s, and it's an attempt for us to have fun with a rare rock-and-roll genre as I get my kicks writing about the cars I would love to own but can't. Hopefully all of the songs will stand on their own as well."

On current plans: "We are also working on a couple of video projects, one of which is for "Don't Make It So Hard" from Coping with Insignificance, that we will use for promotional purposes and perhaps for bonus material on the next record. We may present them to broadcast venues for airplay, but I wouldn't expect to see AOJ on MTV anytime soon--which is certainly just as well. My Records is very interested in including video material on upcoming releases, and we are excited about producing it for them. We hope to have a couple of conceptual videos and a healthy sampling from a live show on our next disc, and that may be particularly fun for those who are not able to catch our shows. We will probably shoot that in Dallas."

So there you go: Plenty of stuff to look forward to, and nothing to regret. Good news all around...

While we're thinking of it, we heard that The Adventures of Jet was supposed to be included on the third installment of Buzz-Oven's CD sampler/all-ages shows project, but since its status was up in the air, its slot was taken by Doosu. You can catch the last go-'round of the current Buzz-Oven lineup--which also includes the pAper chAse and Clutch Cargo--on April 28 at Trees. Come early and stay late...

The gig by GWAR frontman Dave Brockie's band (ah, The Dave Brockie Experience) at the Galaxy Club on May 3 was supposed to be just that. Though GWAR guitarist Mike Derks and bassist Brad Roberts round out the trio, and though the band does play a few GWAR tunes, it was not going to be a GWAR gig. Now, however, it is. Sort of. Instead of The Dave Brockie Experience, the band headlining at Galaxy will be RAWG, which is basically GWAR without the costumes and all of the stage theatrics. The reason: Brockie, Derks and Roberts usually tour by themselves during breaks from GWAR, but since the remaining two members of the group, guitarist Zach Blair and bassist Casey Orr, live in Dallas, they decided not to pass up the opportunity. So, expect a standard GWAR set list--whatever that means--but probably no exploding penises. Keep in mind we said probably...

Speaking of Casey Orr, his other band, The Hellions, recently released a self-titled full-length, following a pair of seven-inch singles. The disc was produced by Toby "Tabasco" Sheets and features a cover of Black Flag's "Rise Above." You can see the band--which also includes drummer Scott Carter, guitarists Mike Todd and Mike T. (no, that's not confusing) and singer Dave Woodard--and pick up a copy of the album at Blue Cat Blues on April 29. The Hellions are one of the bands playing an all-ages Sunday matinee at the Commerce Street club, along with The Staggers, Clutch Cargo, Filthy Jim, Ignorance Park, A.J. Allstars, The Boozers and more. Show starts at noon, and admission is $8. Bring some extra scratch and pick up a copy of The Hellions' record. If you're going to be at that show anyway, chances are you will want it...

In the extremely near future, New Jersey's Solarmanite Records will release Many Miles Away, a compilation of bands covering songs by The Police. Haven't heard of most of the bands on the disc, but here's why you might care: Many Miles Away features [DARYL]'s version of "Truth Hits Everybody" and the pAper chAse's take on "Wrapped Around Your Finger." Figure a few copies of the album will trickle down into the D-D-FW area soon, and if you can't wait, Solarmanite is accepting pre-orders via its Web site, Just get one so we don't have to type Solarmanite again...

Following former drummer Cody Lee's lead, Burette and Gabby Douglas are ready to move beyond Buck Jones, with a new band, The Cush, and a new album on the way. The disc is finished, and Burette and Gabby say it should be out sometime in May, probably closer to the end of the month. If you want a sneak peak, head to Or you can wait until the band plays its first show, which will apparently be soon. We could have made that even more vague. Don't tempt us...

Other bands with records in the works: Viva Maxitone is finishing up work on its debut disc (as-yet-untitled, or we didn't get a title, at least), due out this summer on Idol Records. And Early Lines is recording at this very moment with Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Electrical Audio in Chicago. ("They'll record anybody--even us," Early Lines' Dan Doyle says.) Following up last year's Tired Beasts, the album, Hate the Living/Love the Dead, should be out in June. Should, meaning could, meaning who knows when.


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