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Drowning Pool and Creed are on the same label. Exciting times, indeed.

We've been trying to tell people this for months, but now the national press has gotten involved: Alternative Press recently selected the pAper chAse as one of the "100 Bands You Need to Know About to Call Yourself a Music Fan." The article hits newsstands in the March issue of AP which, naturally, comes out in late February. Here's your chance to start learning: Around the same time as the issue is in stores, the pAper chAse's next release, Control-Alt-Delete-U, will be out on Chicago-based Divot Records, although there has been no official street date set for the disc. Divot Records, in case you didn't know, is where such bands as Braid and Sweep The Leg Johnny got their start, which may or may not help you. Let's put it this way: It's a good thing. Other potential good things coming out of the pAper chAse camp include the band's version of "Wrapped Around Your Finger," which it is contributing to Solarmine Records' forthcoming tribute to The Police and a pair of tunes slated for release on another one of Chris Lewellyn's Clandestine Project samplers. (One will be singer-guitarist John Congleton's version of Roger Waters' "Go Fishing.") And if you really want to call yourself a music fan, keep an eye out for Nice Job Growing Up, a collaboration between Congleton, [DARYL]'s Dylan Silvers, and Centro-matic's Will Johnson. Meanwhile, you can catch the pAper chAse opening for a reformed Brutal Juice at Trees on December 29. You might just wanna clip and save...

If you happen to be in the New Orleans area on December 20--and if you ask us, once you've set foot into Louisiana, well, you've made a big mistake--you can check out a performance by KDGE-FM favorites Dollybraid, performing at a CD release party at the Parkway Tavern for the Band to Band 2000 compilation disc. Dollybraid will be joining two other regional winners from the Lucky Strike-sponsored contest, Houston's Fondue Monks (dammit--we were going to name our band that) and New Orleans' own King Konga. If you recall, and we barely do at this point, Dollybraid bested Pinkston and the Deathray Davies on November 3 at the Hard Rock Café to take home top honors for the Dallas-Fort Worth area and a few thousand dollars. We're kinda fuzzy on the rules, but as far as we can tell, each disc has a voting card in it that allows interested parties to vote for their favorite song on the compilation, which features songs from each of the 15 regional winners. Grand prize: $15,000. No word on if the disc will also come with a voting card that allows you to choose which band has the stupidest name. Now, that would be a close call...

This just in: Last week we mentioned The Foxymorons will release their second disc, Rodeo City, on American Pop Project on January 23, but we failed to add that the band is also recording an album of lo-fi cover songs, which it will release for free at some point. The first cover is already online at the band's Web site, The group's take on Christina Aguilera's "Come On Over Baby." Wish we could tell you what it sounds like, but our computer is having a problem doing computer-type stuff, so we can't. Maybe the fellas will play it during one of their trio of upcoming shows--December 27 at Trees (free tix available at The Foxymorons' site), December 28 at the Aardvark, and an acoustic gig December 29 at Borders Books and Music in Fort Worth. Although, truth be told, we'd rather hear one of their originals than anything by Aguilera, who is slowly but surely bringing blue eye shadow back to its whore-of-the-trailer-park roots. (Good on ya, Chrissy!) Is it us or does she always sound like she's trying for that extra quarter-star on Star Search? No, you're right; it's not just us...

We forgot to mention it a few weeks ago, but Drowning Pool has signed with Wind-Up Records, better known as either the label that brought you Creed, or as the label that didn't really want to bring you Baboon but went through the motions briefly. The deal came together at this year's installment of the North Texas New Music Festival, making us eat our words after we went on record yet again saying that no bands ever get signed as a result of the yearly meet-and-greet. We'd say we meant "good bands," but that would most likely result in a decisive beatdown by the band or its fans, so we won't. Honestly, congratulations, fellas. If nothing else, maybe they can give Creed a scare in the Wind-Up cafeteria. Drowning Pool is already getting its name out to the nu-metal crowd: The band just got off the road with Kittie, and played a couple of shows recently with hed (pe). Word is, they're working on scheduling another tour with bands with lame names before recording their debut for Wind-Up, to be produced by Jay Baumgardner, of Papa Roach fame. Seriously, hed (pe)? Please...

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Sara Radle, better known as the singer-guitarist for Lucy Loves Schroeder, released her first solo disc--under the group name Fred Savage Fanclub--on December 19, courtesy of Denton-based She's Gone Records. The disc, titled Jelly Beans with Belly Buttons, is said to be poppier than Radle's work with LLS, more along the lines of That Dog than, say, The Muffs. Meaning: More singing, less power chords. But hey, we haven't heard it yet, so we're just guessing. And if you completely understood that somewhat subtle distinction, you could be a music writer for the Dallas Observer...

We meant to tell you this last week but ran out of room: Summer Break Records, the label releasing Todd Deatherage's upcoming solo set, is also finishing up work on a compilation featuring songs by the likes of the Old 97's, Pleasant Grove, and the Ranchero Brothers, in addition to a duet between Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller and Deatherage, and a handful of others. Don't know exactly when you should expect it, but if we had to guess, we'd say early next year. Or if you prefer, the first 100 days of the Worst Presidency Ever. And yes, that's even counting Gerry Ford. Here's a 20 says Bush's first act in office is to get rid of any drug-sniffing dogs in the West Wing. Yeah, you know what we're talking about...

Christmastime is here: Reed Easterwood & Junky Southern perform December 21 at the Gypsy Tea Room, followed the next night by Austin's Damnations TX and Pat McKanna; The Happiness Factor performs at the Galaxy Club's pre-Christmas party on December 23; Lift to Experience and Mercova are at the Curtain Club on December 21; our "pals" Reverend Horton Heat play Trees on December 23, with Roller; Casey Hess and new Dallas Observer employee Mike Graff will be at Liquid Lounge on December 21; Reggie Rueffer and Ho Chi Men perform at Club Dada on December 21, followed by The Hundred Inevitables the next night; Vibrolux is at Club Clearview on December 23; and Slobberbone and Pleasant Grove celebrate Christmas a couple of days early, December 22 at the Ridglea Theater. While we're on the subject, we recently came across one of the worst displays of Christmas in the history of the holiday carefully set up in someone's front yard. There was a mock-up of the manger where lil' J.C. was hatched--or maybe not, depending on your religious preference--complete with his mom and pop, assorted farm animals, three wise men...and Santa Claus, praying somberly. We shouldn't have to point out that no matter what religion you subscribe to or what Christmas fable you believe, there is absolutely no chance that jolly old St. Nick was kicking it with Jesus seconds after his birth. Couldn't happen. Come on, people--we know you're better than that.

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