Scene, heard: Buck Jones performs for the final time on Saturday at the Curtain Club. If only it were Hellafied Funk Crew's last show.
Scene, heard: Buck Jones performs for the final time on Saturday at the Curtain Club. If only it were Hellafied Funk Crew's last show.

Scene, Heard

The Deathray Davies will tour with the Old 97's during the first couple of weeks of February, hitting various clubs along the East Coast, including a stop at Irving Plaza in New York on February 11. We're guessing at least a few clubs will make the same spelling gaffe with the group's name that the Galaxy Club did, advertising the band's recent show there as the, ahem, Deathrow Davies. As everyone knows, that's a completely separate band, singer-guitarist John Dufilho's hardcore rap-Irish folk side project that also features drummer Matt Kellum on spoons, Kevyn Ingle on comb and wax paper, and Peter Schmidt on assorted pots and pans. And obviously, the Deathrows lyrical references to bitches, hos, and potatoes are a far cry from the Deathray Davies' material. You can catch the Deathray Davies before they head out with Rhett and Murry and the boys at the Curtain Club on January 15...

As we were recently reminded, being nominated for a Grammy award means that a band is, you know, good and stuff. At least, that's what Quinn Nagurney, singer-guitarist for the Jay Quinn Band (and former Observer classified sales rep) wrote when he took umbrage with our inclusion of Dave Matthews Band's Under the Table and Dreaming on our list of the worst records of the 1990s ("Take these records, please," January 6). "Under the Table and Dreaming was up for a Grammy you idiot," Nagurney gently informed us, before adding, "It upsets me to know that you still have your job." All apologies, Quinn. We meant to include every Dave Matthews disc on the list, but time and space just weren't available. Maybe next time, buddy. Keeping Nagurney's "band + Grammy nomination = greatness" formula in mind, erstwhile local gals the Dixie Chicks and their latest album Fly are inexplicably up for five Grammy awards, according to the recently announced list of nominees for the 42nd annual edition of the award show. The categories the Chicks are competing in include Album of the Year, Country Album of the Year, and Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. Which just proves Grammy nominations are indeed pointless. Seriously, Album of the Year? Please...

As things are always somewhat tentative when local labels are involved, we rarely can say anything for sure when it comes to release schedules. Of course, we usually do anyway, but we probably shouldn't. Still, according to Two Ohm Hop's Philip Croley, discs by Sub Oslo, Yeti, and Mandarin should be available by March, when the label is scheduled to host a showcase at the annual South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin. We haven't heard much about the Sub Oslo or Yeti records, but word is that Mandarin's debut -- featuring singer-guitarist Jayson Wortham, one of the co-owners of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios -- is phenomenal. After seeing the group live, we're pretty sure the description will hold up regardless of when the album hits stores. Then again, we've been known to make a mistake or three from time to time. Not that we'd ever admit it...

Pinkston officially releases its self-titled debut on Last Beat Records with a show at Trees on January 14. But, since the rest of the lineup consists of Legendary Crystal Chandelier, Baboon, and [DARYL], there's more than one reason to show up. Speaking of [DARYL], the group -- singer-guitarist-keyboardist Dylan Silvers, bassist Jeff Parker, guitarist-keyboardist David Wilson, and drummer Spammie -- plans to begin recording its own debut sometime in the near future, possibly aided and abetted by Paper Chase guitarist-producer John Congleton. The group will round out another solid bill on January 20 at Curtain Club, along with Lewis, Lift to Experience, and Red Animal War. Check it out...

A month or so ago -- after witnessing Buck Jones singer-bassist Gabrielle Douglas gracefully fill Rachel Haden's shoes on Weener's cover of a Weezer B-side ("I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams") -- we drunkenly apologized to Douglas for being so hard on her band. The next morning, there was some regret, and we still pretty much stand by everything we've written about Buck Jones, but at least one thing we said to Douglas remains true: We didn't wish for the band to call it quits. Sure, there are more than a few groups we wouldn't mind seeing call it a day, and listing them here would simply take too much space. (The short list begins and ends with Hellafied Funk Crew.) But Buck Jones, despite what you may believe, wasn't on the list, though to call us fans of the group would be more than a little hypocritical. The group will play its final show on January 15 at the Curtain Club, with Dachsund and the Deathray Davies. And, more than likely, you can expect to see the members of Buck Jones in various other bands in the near future. See you around, fellas.

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