Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks
Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks

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Bucks Burnett presents the latest, and last, installment of his Variety Nightmare series at Club Dada on September 29, featuring sets by The Glory Brothers -- a duo featuring Paul Averitt (who plays with Burnett in The Volares) and Salim Nourallah (The Moon Festival) -- and doublepluspop, which also includes Averitt. Variety Nightmare, which has seen performances by Pat McKenna of The Trees, The Darlies, and El Maitre D' and His Menu of Song (an assortment of former members of The Potatoes), will be replaced by a new series Burnett is putting together, Melodic Overkill, which he says will occur "with less frequency but more focus." Melodic Overkill will showcase mostly pop-oriented acts, Burnett promises, as well as "cool pop on the P.A. when bands aren't playing, stuff like Teenage Fanclub, Martin Newell, and XTC -- stuff you don't hear on the radio very much at all." The last Variety Nightmare happens from 9 p.m. to midnight. Check it out, and keep an eye open for Melodic Overkill pop-popping in the next month or so...

In case you haven't noticed, and we didn't until someone told us, The North Texas Music Festival is now the North Texas New Music Festival, meaning at least a few things have changed since last year's event. (And we know what you're thinking: Christ, it's already that time again?) The most important change: No more Topaz Awards, at least not this year. While we were more than happy to take home the Best Publication award at last year's event -- and it's proudly displayed next to the Darth Maul cup-topper we bought at Taco Bell -- doing away with the award show is a smart move, although we're all for continuing an award show that made our own music awards actually appear meaningful. Besides, we're just not in the mood to take more potshots at Cresta's Jenny Esping this year. And we wasted all the good stuff last year. This year's edition of the North Texas New Music Festival -- which will feature 99 bands performing at nine clubs -- happens October 20-24, with band showcases happening on Friday and Saturday. There's still time to get your band in: Send your submissions to NTNMF Submissions, 2932 Main St., Ste. 101, Dallas, TX 75226. Or call (972) 994-1053...

Little Jack Melody and His Young Turks release their fourth album, the live Noise and Smoke, on September 24, with a CD release party at Dan's Bar in Denton, the club where the disc was recorded. Prediction: Noise and Smoke will garner another round of stellar reviews -- everyone from Kurt Loder to David Fricke has raved about the band in print before -- and next year at this time, Steve Carter and his rotating cast of sidekicks will still be here, wondering why none of it matters. We didn't say we wanted it to happen. Hey, we're wondering the same thing, Little Steve.

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