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As we mentioned last week, Flickerstick has signed with Epic Records, capitalizing on its Bands on the Run notoriety in the manner everyone thought it would. Initial plans call for Epic to re-release F-Stick's debut, Welcoming Home the Astronauts, in October, with a pair of songs--"Smile" and "Execution by X-mas Lights"--added to the track list. Apparently, Epic was the only label the group really considered: "Once we had the offer, we just wanted to go," band manager Paul Bassman says. One of the main reasons the group decided to sign with Epic, according to Bassman, is the label "guaranteed that we'd get to record a new one. I guess saying you have an eight-record deal sounds better than whatever, but you know it doesn't mean shit." Bassman didn't mention exact terms, but we hear the contract is in the $1 million range, meaning each member in the band stands to make around $2,000. You know, give or take. "The label is feeling two singles" on the disc, so it could theoretically be awhile before the group gets back into the studio, and by "awhile," we mean enough time for guitarist Cory Kreig to eventually piss off every member of the band.

No word yet on if there will be an impromptu Bands on the Run reunion in Denton on August 13, when Soulcracker performs at The Groovy Mule. (Side note: Who else noticed the prominent KNON-FM sticker on one of Soulcracker's guitars?) We doubt it, but hey, you never know. If you're keeping score at home, here's the difference between first and second place: Flickerstick has been selling out good-sized venues all over the country since its appearance on VH1, and Soulcracker is touring places like The Groovy Mule. One hint, fellas: Next time you have a chance to appear on national television, don't let Beastie anywhere near a camera or a microphone. It's for your own good...

Clutch Cargo is looking for a new guitarist, now that Ted Wood has quit the band after two years "to pursue other career goals," singer Alex Karchevsky says. Wood appears on the album the band recently recorded with John Congleton, which is scheduled to hit stores sometime in November on Hello Records, but he won't be appearing on the tour Clutch Cargo will go on in December and January to support said record. Job requirements, according to Karchevsky: "The ideal rocker to take on this gig will have experience in a band, be able and willing to tour and be extremely committed to the band. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take our music very seriously. Oh yeah, one more thing, you can't suck." If you fit that description, e-mail Karchevsky at If you don't, e-mail We don't hear from you enough...

Viva Maxitone will release its debut, Taking Up Serpents, in September on Idol Records. The 11-song disc was recorded by former Radish drummer John Kent at The Vault in Celeste, Texas, and according to bassist Les Bewley, the disc went through a series of working titles. Among them: Triple Gay Milk Sandwich To Go; If It Ain't Country, It Ain't Shiite Muslim; 10 Songs About Zac Crain's Mama; and Since When Did It Become Against the Law to Have Sex With Your Own Sister. We assume Bewley is joking, although we're sure Mrs. Crain appreciates the thought. Either way, Viva Maxitone will play songs from Taking Up Serpents when it plays August 10 at Club Clearview and the following night at Bar of Soap, with San Antonio's Boxcar Satan...

Nine bands will compete August 11 at Trees to be included on the next Buzz-Oven compilation, which we hear might also include Macavity and Jibe. The bands--Jack Acid, Dana's Fast, South FM, Already Proud, Attention Deficit, The Midnight Soul Project, The Filthy Reds, Loop 12 and 17 Year Locust--will also be trying to win a more immediate prize: the opening slot for Chomsky's CD release party, which is also at Trees on August 18. The battle of the bands starts early (12:30 p.m.), so if you want to support your faves, you can't sleep all day. We like the direction Buzz-Oven is moving in, bringing in bands that could really use a leg up. In the spirit of things, we'd like to offer our help, too. So, if you're in one of those nine bands, convince your bandmates to change names, because the one you've got is 'orrible, as our Cockney friends might say. Seriously, do it. Now...

We've always believed that Jon "Corn Mo" Cunningham was a star, and now, a local filmmaker would like to turn him into one. The title role of David Austin's Kung Fu Teenage Bigfoot was written with Corn Mo in mind, and this week, Austin flew him in from New York to film a trailer for the flick, in hopes of raising money for the project. We have no idea what it looks like, or even what it'll be, but we think you should give Austin some money so he can turn his dream into reality. If not for him, do it for the children. How can you disappoint the children? Really, if you want to give Austin some of your extra scratch so he can set about filming the feature, contact him at or (817) 469-1760. You were just going to spend it on cigarettes and liquor anyway.


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