Scene, heard

Scene, heard

Word is that a short Centro-matic documentary will be released around the same time as the band's next album, due in stores in January. Grady Highberry is accompanying the group on its impending tour, including a string of dates with The Promise Ring and Burning Airlines, shooting footage for the film. (The triple feature hits Trees on October 28.) Until the disc and documentary are available, fans will have to tide themselves over with a new Centro-matic song that appears on a split single with Tripping Daisy that should make its way out in the next few weeks -- or months, depending on how optimistic you are...

Speaking of Tripping Daisy, the band celebrates the one-year anniversary of Daisy Radio on October 15 at the Gypsy Tea Room with Legendary Crystal Chandelier, Pinkston, and Captain Audio. Daisy Radio is the 24-hour Internet radio station ( on which the group acts as programming director, playing local and national artists such as Built to Spill, Braniac, The Flaming Lips, Neutral Milk Hotel, and more. Tripping Daisy will also debut its forthcoming self-titled album and participate in a live chat from 5 to 7 p.m. on October 14...

The renamed North Texas New Music Festival gets under way on October 20, with the annual Noisy Auction at Club Clearview benefiting Sweet Relief, the nonprofit organization that aids ailing musicians. The fest continues on October 22 and 23 with showcases at Trees, Sushi Nights, Club Dada, Club Clearview, Galaxy Club, Liquid Lounge, Live Garden, Fat Ted's, The Rock, The Door, and Blackout Lounge. One $6 wristband allows admission into all of the venues, but through October 16, vouchers for free wristbands can be found at all of the above clubs, as well as at various MARS Music locations. The best showcase by far seems to be the lineup at Sushi Nights on Friday, featuring performances by Vibrolux, The Tomorrowpeople, Stereo Rookie, The Deathray Davies, and Chomsky. For more information, call the festival's hotline at (972) 994-1053. Meaning: Don't call us...

Upcoming Events

If the North Texas New Music Festival doesn't interest you, maybe Wanz Dover's annual Melodica Festival will. Melodica returns to the metroplex this year after a one-year affair with Austin. (It still hurts too much to talk about it right now.) The fourth installment of the festival will happen on October 22 and 23 at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth and include sets by Tripping Daisy, Mandarin, The Ditch Kids, Ohm, Coals to Newcastle, Jetscreamer, Hairpin Curve, RF Programme, Jalopy, Klak, The Wild Bull, Sub Oslo, Captain Audio, Yeti, Pong, ...and they will know us by the trail of dead, Lo-Fi Chorus, A Roman Scandal, Initialization String, Pablo Saint Chaos, Rotten Piece, Pointy Shoe Factory, Flipside Quartet, Quartet Out, Charalambides, and Dover's own band, The Falcon Project. Dover says that a few bands have yet to be confirmed and that the Good/Bad Art Collective will also be participating in this year's event in some way. God only knows how...

Vasanic Switch returns from a short West Coast tour to perform at the Curtain Club on October 20, with The Crooked Teeth and Dirty Helen. Before hitting the road, the band completed work on its debut album, American Pastimes, set for release in December. But rather than sit around and wait for that record to come out, the group will soon begin recording another disc with Matt Barnhart, to hit the shelves around one month later. In addition, Vasanic Switch is on one side of a pair of upcoming split singles featuring, respectively, Oak Cliff's Swivel and Pressure in Time. Simmer down, fellas. You're not being graded on quantity...

Don't expect Go Metric USA to release any new material anytime soon...or at all. Singer-guitarist Mitch Greer has moved to Boston (he abandoned his original plan to relocate to Montreal once he found out it's nearly impossible to obtain both a student visa and a work permit in Canada). The band had been rumored to be working on new material and playing more shows, with the addition of Matt Barnhart on bass to a lineup that includes guitarist Michael Cullen and drummer T.J. Prendergast. But that plan looks to be scrapped now with Greer's impending exit. Of course, in the ongoing drama that is Go Metric USA -- and that's meant in the nicest way possible -- nothing is ever final...

The Dixie Chicks stole their hit song "Wide Open Spaces" from songwriter Susan Gibson, and now Gibson and her band, Amarillo's The Groobees, are stealing it back. Well, the Chicks didn't exactly steal it from Gibson, and even if they did, with the royalty checks she's receiving, Gibson probably wouldn't be complaining either way. But Gibson and The Groobees are hoping that the song will do for them what it did for the Chicks, so they've included their version on their latest self-titled album, produced by Lloyd Maines, who also produced Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines a couple of decades ago. Prediction: Not bloody likely, especially with that name. If Gibson truly wanted to emulate the Chicks' success, she should kick out most of the original members of the band, bleach her hair, and erase the past 10 years of her life. Then maybe she'd have something.

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