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Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios will host its second annual chili cook-off on October 30, an all-day bash featuring many pots of Denton's finest chili (well...) and a ton (give or take a few pounds) of bands, including The Baptist Generals, Jetscreamer, Little Grizzly, Mandarin, Stumptone, Coals to Newcastle, Union Camp, Dutch Treats, Couple 19, Lo-Fi Chorus, and many more. It's short notice, but you can still enter your chili in the contest, as long as you turn in your entry form and $10 fee by October 28. The music starts at 2 p.m., and winners will be announced at 5 p.m. For more information, call (940) 387-7781, or check out Rubber Gloves' Web site, Again, you know what that means...

Ronnie Dawson, the man who rocks bones better than anyone else, is performing on the perfect night for it, taking the stage at Sons of Hermann Hall on Halloween with Bill Kirchen. Not one to miss the spirit of Halloween, Dawson will indeed be in costume, and he should be fairly easy to spot. Just keep your eyes open for the 60-year-old man who looks about half his age. Which won't make Sunday's show any different from every other Ronnie Dawson concert...

Though Buddy Mohmed's new disc American Bedouin has been available for quite some time, he will officially release the album at an upcoming pair of shows: at Ketama on November 5, and Cosmic Café on November 7. Mohmed -- who has played with everyone from Hank Thompson to Café Noir -- is best known for his distinctive acoustic stand-up bass, but American Bedouin showcases his guitar playing, backed by percussionists Ken Grimes and Jamal Mohammed, violinists Mark Menikos and Reggie Rueffer, and saxophonist Shelley Carroll. Both Menikos and Grimes will appear with Mohmed at the two shows, and American Bedouin will be on sale "for the reduced price of $15." Maybe that was a misprint courtesy of our less-than-reliable fax machine, but $15 doesn't sound like much has been reduced...

And speaking of CD releases, in case you missed it among the 4,000 words Observer contributor Rob Patterson devoted to Lewisville's own Ed Burleson in this issue, the former professional cowboy will celebrate the release of his debut, My Perfect World, on October 29 at Sons of Hermann Hall. Doug Sahm, Alvin Crow, Clay Blaker, and Bill Kirchen (all of whom appear on the disc) will perform with Burleson. Which proves, despite so much evidence from the prosecution, that not everything in Lewisville is bad...

Apparently, we weren't quick enough to pick up on the collective talents of Viva Maxitone. At least, that's what guitarist Debbie Williams believes. After we neglected to mention the former Radish bassist's new outfit not once but twice -- unintentionally, if memory serves, and it usually doesn't -- Williams decided to introduce us to her band again, only not as politely as before. In an e-mail, she pointed out that the group was "tired of being ignored" (which was a bit creepy, if only because we'd just seen Fatal Attraction the night before) while making not-so-subtle digs at Joe Butcher, Pinkston, Ricky Pearson's new band (that would be Pelicans), and Asphalt the Recorder. A word of advice, Debbie: If you want us to take you seriously, try spelling your own band's name right more than half of the time, and lay off the thank-yous to Teresa Gubbins. But hey, contrary to popular opinion, we occasionally play nice. Viva Maxitone performs October 29 at Club Clearview. Hope that makes you happy. We know we're feeling pretty good.

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