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The Immaculates will play their last show together on December 23 at the XPO Lounge, at which point the world will come to an end and the Exposition Park area will become a scorched mess of imploded buildings and paranoid looters trying to keep their footing among freak storms of frogs. Or something like that. After all, the show is being billed not only as the last Immaculates gig, but "the last party on earth." So you might want to bring a sack lunch and some bottled water. After the gig, singer Anna Brownsted will be looking for a drummer to fill in the gaps for her new project. If you don't catch up with her at the XPO Lounge, send Street Beat a head shot and a résumé; we know the number to the Bat Cave. And, as always, tribal drummers need not apply. But they do need to take a shower. Patchouli is no substitute for good old-fashioned soap and water...

After a couple of months of deliberation, Bicycle Thief has decided to change its name to On, which, strictly speaking, has much more of a chance of already being taken as its recently ditched name did. (That's why our new band will be called asdouirekdf; try stealing that.) Former Tablet frontman Steven Holt's latest project performed as Bicycle Thief for almost a year, but was forced to find a new moniker after another group, featuring ex-Thelonious Monster leader Bob Forrest, released its debut album, You Come and Go Like a Pop Song, in September. The renamed On performed for the first time under its new name on December 19 at Club Clearview. Odds are that Holt will have to find yet another name before his band's debut is released sometime next year, most likely on Last Beat Records. Our suggestion: Just simply go by Stevenholt, because at least no one can make you change that name. Well, maybe...

The Tripping Daisy/Centro-matic split single is now available from the Daisy's own Good Records, featuring one new song from each band. The seven-inch single can be had on red, white, or blue vinyl, or -- if you're feeling patriotic -- one of each color. We suggest you pick up a copy as soon as possible, especially with the recent news that Tripping Daisy will be calling it quits after releasing its self-titled fourth album early next year. And not only that, it's two of the area's best bands proving yet again why people call them that. But you didn't need us to tell you that. Maybe some of you did. Especially if you hang out at The Rock on a regular basis...

Apparently, on January 1, 1990, Club Dada buried a time capsule in its courtyard. Among many other items contained in the time capsule -- including Jim Heath's original hairpiece, all remaining copies of The Sounds of Deep Ellum, and Edie Brickell -- was a Twinkie. One of Dada's owners said that if Dada and Deep Ellum were still around on January 1, 2000, he would gladly eat the aforementioned snack cake. Well, it's time to pay the piper...and the emergency room staff that will pump his stomach. After carefully studying the situation, however, we've found a loophole: Deep Ellum died a long time ago, so the Twinkie can be avoided. Which, if you ask us, is just a good rule of thumb in general. If there is indeed a new year, it's time you started eating healthier, brutha. And, obviously, you should do as we say and not as we do.

Send some more yarn to Street Beat at We're knitting you a sweater.


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