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As with most things concerning indie labels, especially local ones, it's best not to believe something until you see it. There are always more trip wires to navigate when you don't have a major label's deep pockets to rely on. And that's what's happened to the latest releases from Dave Willingham and Philip Croley's Two Ohm Hop label. The pair of discs, full-lengths from Ohm and Stumptone, are available at The X in Denton and on the label's Web site, However, you won't be able to find them anywhere else for a couple of weeks, thanks to various hold-ups. But rest assured that they do indeed exist, and both are worth the wait...

Last Beat Records continues its busy schedule as of late with the signing of Vibrolux. The band is already in the Last Beat studio, recording songs both new and old, which may result in the first-ever release by the group. You heard us right -- its first album. But, as we said before, we'll believe it when we see it, especially where Vibrolux is concerned.

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