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At least one good thing emerged out of South By Southwest's drunken haze: The Adventure Club/Dallas Observer Charity Bowling Tournament. We haven't decided on a clever name yet for the whole affair, picked a charity, or even solidified teams as of yet, but this much is certain: We'll be getting our bowl on at Don Carter's All-Star Lanes on Stemmons on March 31 at 7 p.m. Come on down and watch members of Chomsky, The Adventures of Jet, Legendary Crystal Chandelier, and The Deathray Davies, as well as the Dallas Observer's Zac Crain and Robert Wilonsky, One Ton Records' Tony Edwards, Adventure Club host Josh Venable, and many more make fools of themselves...for a good cause. (Whatever that may be.) Rest assured, we'll be hitting the pins so hard, they'll be crying. Yeah, and you thought it was rain.

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