Scene, heard

Scene, heard

Seems like only yesterday when Josh Venable was a 19-year-old kid who had snuck onto the airwaves of KDGE-FM (94.5) with a big stack of Smiths records and even bigger hair. On May 27, Venable will celebrate six years of hosting The Adventure Club, which airs every Sunday from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. He'll mark the occasion with a shindig at the Gypsy Tea Room and performances by Slobberbone, The Deathray Davies, Chomsky, Hagfish, Captain Audio, Pleasant Grove, Centro-matic, Alan Randolph Reid, [DARYL], Legendary Crystal Chandelier, The Adventures of Jet, and Clutch Cargo. The bands will play on both stages of the club, and according to Venable, a "celebrity host" will play ringmaster. Most of the proceeds will go to charity, so even if you're not a fan of Venable or his show, you at least get to see some of the best local bands around, as well as contribute to a good cause...

For those of you who were wondering, yes, there will be another edition of Mulberry Street Fair this year, competing head-to-head with, and just around the corner from, Fry Street Fair. The show happens April 15 at 1120 Mulberry, just down the street from Rick's Place, and the music begins around 1 p.m. Bands scheduled to play include Champion, Socially Retarded, Union Camp, Fantastic Eddie, Little Grizzly, Pointy Shoe Factory, Mandarin, and Slobberbone. Strangely, from what we hear, Lift to Experience -- whose members helped start the competing festival a couple of years ago -- was not asked to participate. Maybe someone will form yet another competing day-long concert next year...

The latest installment of Sub-Tonic Theatre, the fourth in a series, happens on April 13 at Liquid Lounge, and it's another collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Organization. Doors open at 9 p.m., and Double U, Astrolabe, Mundo, Initialization String, and a host of guest DJs (including QT, Ion, and Spunk) will take turns on the stage. Check it out...

Baboon will record another live show on April 14 at Trees, for possible inclusion on the group's forthcoming live album, set for release on Last Beat Records later this year. The band plans to set several of its upcoming gigs to tape and pick the best tracks for the as-yet-untitled disc. After that, look for another studio effort from Baboon at the end of this year or early next, possibly bearing the Last Beat imprint as well...

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Steve Dirkx, former Telefones bassist and the man behind the sampler for the Beatles in a Blender project (cut-and-paste deconstructions of The Beatles' back catalog), has made a number of his songs available for download via the MP3 format. Head to (search for "Dirkx" under the "MP3 & More" section), where Dirkx has posted several of his own songs, as well as a few Beatles collages. Or send Street Beat a blank tape, and we'll make you a copy of the Beatles in a Blender songs. After all, any tape featuring songs titled "Ringo Is God Is Acid" and "Acid Is Groovy, Kill the Pigs, Etc." deserves to do more than sit on our desk...

Captain Audio starts an interesting series of concerts on April 17 at the Gypsy Tea Room. The group is calling the Monday-night gigs The Subterranean Pot Luck Blues, and admission is free with a covered dish. Mission Giant joins Captain Audio on the first bill, and similar shows are planned for the following two Mondays at least. Each concert/meal will begin at 9 p.m. and end at 11 p.m. Given the setup, we'd have expected the group to find a church basement to hold the shows in. Maybe next time...

Finally, find out whether your vote counted at the Gypsy Tea Room on April 18, when we host the 2000 Dallas Observer Music Awards. The Ticket's Gordon Keith hosts, and The Old 97's, The Adventures of Jet, The Legendary Fritz, Chomsky, and [DARYL] will perform. Admission is free, but you must have a ticket. Head to for last-minute details. You know you want to. And what's more, we know you want to.

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