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The Toadies will be the last band ever to perform on the stage of Austin's Liberty Lunch on July 31, when the long-running club shuts its doors for the final time. Well, at least for the final time at its current location. Liberty Lunch will remain in business, reopening in a new building later this year after losing a protracted battle with the city. Still, it won't be the same; it's like moving CBGB's down the block and expecting the memories to travel with it. Sure, people will still talk about Greg Dulli's one-punch ass-kicking at the hands of a Liberty Lunch bouncer, but no one will be able to point to a spot and say, "That's where it happened." Unless, of course, you happen to be having that conversation inside the new office building that will replace Liberty Lunch...

The Deep Ellum Center for the Arts, located in the old Theatre Gallery space on Commerce, continues its monthly Musically Incorrect series on July 15, with an in-the-round performance by Meredith Miller, Piper Dagnino of Boa Drape, and Sandy Simmons. The series, featuring three or four local artists playing acoustically, kicked off on June 25 with a performance by Jim "Reverend Horton Heat" Heath, Barry Kooda, and former Deep Blue Something guitarist Kirk Tatum...

Broose Dickinson is also moving to a new location -- specifically, New York. (Wait, didn't he leave Dallas, like, two years ago?) The erstwhile singer-songwriter for pop poppins and TOO Much TV says goodbye at a going-away party at Liquid Lounge on July 14, featuring an assortment of bands paying tribute to Dickinson's various groups. Is that a tear we see rolling down your cheek? Didn't think so.


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