Scene, heard

Scene, heard

The reformed New Bohemians recently performed at a benefit concert in Long Island, appearing on a bill with Lyle Lovett and Paul Simon. (Hmmm, I wonder how they got that gig?) A source close to the band -- OK, it was Carol Brandon, prodigal drummer Brandon Aly's mother -- reports that the New Bos looked and sounded good, and mothers never lie, right? Brandon also said that the band has written 10 new songs and that it's in the process of trying to nail down a record deal with an undisclosed label. Meanwhile, The Best of Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians, released on Geffen Records in England earlier this year, is still waiting on an official U.S. release date. We haven't received the copy we ordered from yet, but word is that "What I Am" does indeed appear on the disc...

The Tomorrowpeople have parted ways with longtime manager Shaun Edwardes. "After so long, it was decided that Shaun was perhaps not the man to handle the day-to-day business affairs of the band," bassist Trey Scholz reports in a recent e-mail. The band is also looking for a keyboardist-guitarist to replace John Norris and Darrel Herbert, both of whom recently left to pursue other options. Submit your résumé when the Tomorrowpeople perform at the Galaxy Club on August 14 with Vibrolux, and at the Curtain Club the next night, as part of The Local Show on KEGL-FM (97.1)...

Speaking of The Eagle, the station is sponsoring Indecent Exposure, a "rock and roll fashion show," on August 19 at the Gypsy Tea Room featuring music by Jibe. The event -- billed as "where rock and fashion collide," and we imagine it's a fairly grisly wreck -- will introduce the station's new line of Eagle Gear: bowling shirts, hockey jerseys, baby-doll T-shirts, and more, all plastered with The Eagle's logo. Now you can recognize the station's listeners by more than just their feathery mullets and mustaches. Or maybe that's just morning-show jock Russ Martin...

As Brave Combo continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the band is preparing to release two new records in the coming months. First up is Polkasonic!, due in early September on Cleveland International Records. Toward the end of the year, Rounder Records will issue the tentatively titled Denton, TX. In the meantime, Carl Finch and company will proceed with their series of reunion gigs, featuring as many ex-members of the group as they can dig up. The next such show is scheduled on Labor Day weekend in the tiny Czech community of West, located about an hour south of Dallas, as part of the city's annual Westfest. And no, we're not just mentioning Westfest because a contingent from the festival brought an assortment of kolaches to the office last week. OK, maybe just a little bit...

Former Speedealer and Billyclub frontman Dave Woodard has turned up in Swingin' Dicks, which made room for Woodard by firing singer Dan Barron. The new lineup of the punk outfit, which also features recently obtained lead guitarist Mike Todd, is set to begin a West Coast tour in a matter of days. The Swingin' Dicks plan to record a new album upon their return, before heading out on the road again, this time with The Candysnatchers...

Another fine local record on the way is the latest from Reed Easterwood and Junky Southern. The album, Secret Power, will hit stores on August 20 and will feature some of Easterwood's solo recordings as well as tracks by his band Junky Southern. Copies will be available at live shows, at a handful of record stores around town, and through Easterwood's Web site (

Arlington's Red Animal War had planned to release a two-track single on Texas Records before its contribution to the fourth installment of Deep Elm Records' Emo Diaries series, An Ocean of Doubt, was released. Unfortunately, the track that ended up on An Ocean of Doubt, "Backbreaker," was one of the songs the band had planned to use on its single. Since Deep Elm picks songs for its compilations based on exclusivity, the development forced Red Animal War to scrap the single. But it may have been for the better; Texas Records will now issue a seven-song EP by the group shortly after An Ocean of Doubt hits stores, featuring newer material. Still, it just proves that the hassles don't get smaller when the labels do...

Just to clarity matters a bit, Quality Park Records will not be distributing Leaning House Records releases. Matt Barnhart's Denton label will only be making Leaning House discs available via mail order from the Quality Park Web site (

Finally, a tip of our collective hat goes out to Thor Christensen, Teresa Gubbins, and the rest of the crack Dallas Morning News music staff for sussing out one of the worst-kept secrets in recent months. The staff used fiendishly clever investigative tactics -- in this case, apparently, a single phone call -- to figure out that Frankie Ramada & the Red Carpets, the band booked at almost every Deep Ellum club August 19-26, is actually -- gasp -- The Reverend Horton Heat. Jim Heath and crew intended to perform under a lame pseudonym to try out a slew of new songs, but that plan seems to be dashed since everyone knows exactly who Frankie Ramada is by now. And while we're at it, Horton Heat's manager Scott Weiss deserves a gold star on his chart as well, for managing to keep the group's secret until someone asked him about it. Attaboy, Scott! Weiss is now officially the last person we'd ever want to share a foxhole with.

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