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The Adventures of Jet won last week's semifinal round of the Ultimate Band List's Born on the World Wide Web contest. The band's song "Rock and Roll" won in the alternative category of the competition, and it will join tracks by Dave Dill, Tacoheads, Paige, Green Man, and Figure Eight and two yet-to-be-determined bands in the finals, which happen September 10-23. Overall winners will receive a ton of new musical equipment and a $25,000 recording budget, as well a chance at a label deal. They will also be flown out to Los Angeles to perform at the ARTISTdirect Awards on October 6. After the band's experiences with MCA Records (when they were known as Bobgoblin), you can bet the members of The Adventures of Jet are more excited about new gear and studio time...

Contrary to popular belief -- OK, maybe it was just us -- Russell Lyday's new show on KNTU-FM (88.1), The Show That Fell to Earth, was not actually the first underground rock show in the 30-year history of the station. (Don't blame us; we went to the University of Texas in Austin.) From 1993 to 1996, Philip Crabtree hosted Type A Radio, playing music from bands such as Tortoise, Pavement, The Jesus Lizard, Palace, as well the occasional local act. Crabtree continues his adventures in hi-fi (well, close to it anyway) on the Internet-only show The Big Rip-off. The show broadcasts every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at

Jon "Corn Mo" Cunningham has resumed hosting Children of the Corn Mo Night, his every-Thursday showcase at Liquid Lounge. This week's installment includes Asphalt the Recorder, Dutch Treats, Fish Boy, and Lock Up. No idea as to who is involved in Fish Boy or Lock Up, but you can be sure Jon or John Freeman has something to do with one of them. It wouldn't be surprising if Freeman has a hand in both, now that he is in one less band. The Meat Helmets, which Freeman sings and plays guitar in, recently called it quits. The band will play three more shows -- September 18 at Bar of Soap, October 1 at the Wreck Room, and October 9 at the Good/Bad Art Collective -- after which the band's bass players, Angelique Congleton and Harry Warwick, will move to Chicago and New York respectively. And Freeman will form five new bands...

Mark Ridlin celebrates his birthday September 3 at the XPO Lounge with a party featuring music by The Immaculates and film art by Mike Lallen. Ridlin will sit in with The Immaculates on Theremin, as he has for the past month at the band's regular Tuesday night gig at Muddy Waters...

Former drummer Trinidad Leal has returned to the Light Bright Highway fold in time to appear on the band's next two releases, which the group is in the process of recording with Dave Willingham at the Transcontinental Recording Company in Argyle. You can see the new-old lineup of Light Bright Highway when the band performs at Sock Monkey on September 3. And speaking of rotating drum stools, Hi-Fi Drowning is looking for a full-time replacement behind its drum kit. Submit your résumé and list of references to the band when it appears at the Wreck Room on September 4. This ain't the classifieds, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

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