Scissor Sisters

With their delectable debut last year, New York's Scissor Sisters proved how far beyond electroclash they'd come since singer Jake Shears and multi-instrumentalist Babydaddy first started playing off-the-cuff shows around their adopted hometown nearly four years ago. For example, they write songs now--good ones, with choruses and everything! This DVD reminds viewers of the band's roots: Built around a live show taped in appropriately crappy handheld video at the Brighton Dome in England (where the Sisters are bona fide pop stars), it's a Day-Glo dress-up ball that highlights the way the band turns fantasy into glamour, not to mention the way Shears can rock a pair of assless trousers. So if they flub a few notes here and there and occasionally dance like Will Ferrell, they make up for it with the enthusiasm and showmanship of smart, funny people whose ambition routinely outstrips their ability. (The assless trousers don't hurt, either.) Also included are a handful of glamtastic music videos and "Return to Oz," a brief documentary in which singer Ana Matronic describes playing bars where the patrons "just wanna get their dick sucked" and Babydaddy recounts the band's struggle to fulfill its "rock-and-roll dreams."


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