It's an indie-rocker fantasy come true: Sebadoh's Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein reunite for the first tour since they promoted 1999's The Sebadoh. The only thing that could ice this cake would be if there were a new Sebadoh album in the works. But it's the second best thing: a retrospective called the "Turbo Acoustic Tour" with the duo playing stripped-down, turned-up versions of their lo-fi favorites from Bakesale, Freed Weed, Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock, Harmacy, III, The Sebadoh and more, accompanied only by a boombox playing cassette recordings of Loewenstein on drums (recorded on a four-track by Barlow, whose recorded voice introduces each song). The only downside? With pre-recorded percussion, the set list is non-negotiable. But that might not keep us from yelling for "Dramamine" and "Magnet's Coil." That's my indie-rocker fantasy come true. (Tom Heinl, a comic folksinger known for playing to pre-recorded tracks and reading from his fifth-grade journal, opens.)


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