Seed, Mom, Beauxregard, Handicaps and Harmonies

It's tough to say which part of Art Conspiracy's upcoming event Seed is the most worthy of local support. The event is meant as a fundraiser for AC, a Dallas art collective that promotes visual art and music, as 10 local photographers will be auctioning off original works with the theme "Dallas: Through Your Lens." The shuttermasters include Hal Samples, Nathan Schroeder and Dana McGuire, among others, each selling their photos at beginning prices of $10 and $20.

Supporting Art Conspiracy is reason enough to check out the evening, as is, of course, the chance to pick up some work from Dallas' best—and most cutting-edge—photographers at the same time. But then there's the bonus: music provided by Mom, Beauxregard and Handclaps & Harmonies. Denton's Mom represents the good side of electronica; songs with names like "Icicles" and "Green Echo" are as atmospheric as their titles, a delicious blend of flighty synths, chiming chords and almost child-like keyboard lines. Beauxregard, meantime, picks up the Bowie mantle and runs with it, taking unexpected turns along the way. Their songs are catchy but far from cloying, as the group infuses its tunes with surprising musical choices; the results are transfixing. The weak link here is H&H—though popular, their Beach Boys-lite oeuvre runs thin after a few songs. Still, though, you gotta love a band that's unafraid to don matching t-i-i-i-g-h-t white uniforms, showing off almost identical moose knuckles. Hell, that's reason enough to go.


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