Sierra Swan

Daughter of Billy Swan (known primarily as a sideman for Kris Kristofferson but who also had a wonderfully sublime '70s pop-country hit with "I Can Help"), Sierra is a Kate Bush-inspired chanteuse who trades in confessional balladry and high-pitched theatrics, stuff that might send most reasonable sorts scurrying in search of firmer ground. But Ladyland, Sierra Swan's debut, balances the obvious debt to Bush and Tori Amos with enough substance and folksy charm (a la Fiona Apple) to entice even the most jaded into her fashionable realm. Adding to the evening's high-society quotient is the sponsorship of three California wineries that promise free libations to accompany Swan's dramatic, slightly twangy alt-rock. Here's an opportunity to get dressed to the nines, watch Sideways, point your nose upward and pretend the high-dollar chardonnay is within your price range.


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