Singing in his sleep

John Dufilho is either the hardest-working white man in show business or he truly believes that idle hands are the devil's playground. It seems that Dufilho is trying to make a run at the position Michael Jerome has long held at the top of the hill when it comes to being a member of the most bands at the same time. In addition to singing and playing guitar in Bedwetter and The Deathray Davies, and drumming for Legendary Crystal Chandelier, Dufilho has joined yet another band, The Hundred Inevitables, which is ex-Adam's Farmer Jeff Whittington's new outfit. Besides Whittington and Dufilho, The Hundred Inevitables includes Deep Blue Something's Toby Pipes and Clay Bergus. Pipes and Bergus have plenty of down time at the moment, while they patiently wait for Interscope Records to release the follow-up to 1995's Home, the long-finished (and out last year in Europe) Byzantium.

Dufilho is also working on another side band with Shabazz 3's Ty Macklin. The duo hooked up in Austin at this year's South by Southwest Music Festival, striking up a partnership that has been mostly talk so far but should see some results as soon as they both get some time. Of course, time will be in short supply for Dufilho in the coming months. He will likely be involved in the recording of the next Legendary Crystal Chandelier album, which should happen in the next few months, possibly at Barry Poynter's studio in Little Rock. Dufilho also recently booked time with producer Matt Pence to begin work on a new Deathray Davies record, which he says will be split between recordings with a full band and others with him on all instruments. And word is, he's also helping former Go Metric USA bassist Lindsay Romig on her new project. With that schedule, the next thing on Dufilho's agenda should be a weeklong nap.


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