Sir Silky

For an album featuring a pasty white dude draped in a cat blanket and wrestling belt on the cover, Perilous Hits showcases a perverse and unexpectedly valiant effort. And, thus, the mystery is just how much irony is intended. I mean, is it a problem when "Shit or get off the pot" is used as a lyric? And what about "This Mr. Belvedere will leave streaks on your china and spank ya like your name is Wesley"?

Such lyrical efforts would easily be negligible if we were talking about most anyone aside from Sir Silky, the most recent incarnation of Cheyenne Schweitzer (formerly of Tiger Moth). Hits isn't as much about the clearly tongue-in-cheek, not-so-panty-dropping rhymes as it is about ass-shaking pop and R&B groove. Plus, Silky's vocal performance is nothing short of impressive in both range (he has outstanding control over his falsetto) and tone, despite the liberal fucks and whatnot.

Combining vocals and bluesy guitar riffs, the guy is inspired by Prince in no uncertain terms. I'm talking "I Wanna Be Your Lover" on through "The Beautiful Ones"—or, more appropriately, "Darling Nikki" until he started covering other people's songs more than his own. And, yes, Prince even shows up in the lyrics, as well. But no matter: "Getcho Bodeee" is a winning track for busting moves in terms of topic and vibe, and "My Magic Hands" is definitely the earworm of this incredibly NSFW album that should be taken seriously, even if it begs you not to.


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