Slightly Stoopid

Signed while still in high school, Slightly Stoopid's Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald were probably the "raddest" of all dudes "gnarly," smoking more weed than humanly possible and tossing out generic SoCal skate-punk. Nearly a decade later, the two may still love to party, but their sound has grown up considerably. 2005's Closer to the Sun is an accomplished mix of dub and hip-hop; "Ain't Got a Lot of Money" and "Babylon is Falling" are slow grooves for the laid-back beach party set, mixing brains and Mary Jane to create danceable and, yes, intelligent stoner anthems. Silly juvenilia still lurks about (check out "Zeplike" for some middle-school memories), but the irony of their moniker has never been more apparent.


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