Slipknot, Coheed & Cambria, Trivium

I have two memories that will always stand out from my time spent at Slipknot shows.

The first time I saw them, I was struck by the utter fury surrounding me on all sides. Sure, metal is angry and all, but there's usually some exuberance that counteracts all the blunt aggression and makes the whole thing soar. I had no idea how everyone could be this completely pissed off while a guy in a clown mask was hitting a beer keg with a baseball bat. Then I looked to my right and saw the most severely disfigured burn victim I've ever seen in person. He was screaming his head off and seemed on the verge of tears. "OK," I thought, "this is the one person in the whole place who is justified in being this furious." He will always be the No. 1 Slipknot fan to me.

At another, held in an indoor rodeo arena, I turned to leave and nearly slipped on a rather sizable pool of blood. I didn't notice any more than the usual commotion during the band's set, but nonetheless, there it was. No one gave it more than a passing glance as they left. Who wouldn't wanna?



So, yeah, that's what you can expect on Sunday as Slipknot headlines a bill that also features the science fiction-obsessed Coheed & Cambria and the thrash-heavy Trivium.


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