So, Yeah, Things Have Been Kinda Slow Around Here...

So, Yeah, Things Have Been Kinda Slow Around Here...

For that, I apologize. Bottom of my heart.

Got caught in a whirlwind of flight issues yesterday while trying to come back from my trip to Colorado for a) a friend's wedding, and b) Neon Indian's performance at the Monolith Festival. You can read about the latter in this week's paper. (As for the former? Well, there was booze at high altitudes--use your imagination. Good times, though!)

Anyway, we'll get back on schedule tomorrow with the full-fledged posting. Here's a sampling of what you can look forward to:

  • Catching up with Oso Closo and finding out what the hell happened with Chipotle contest.
  • Word on the Whiskey Folk Ramblers' silver-screen debut. (Really!)
  • Another installment of DC9 in SPACE.
  • A pretty cool new music video from a promising local hip-hop act.
  • Plus: Free download links for new mixtapes, new EPs, new free mp3s from some of your favorite local artists.
  • And much more (maybe)...

So, after a few days in the dumps, we'll be back to our regular scheduled programming first thing tomorrow. See you then...

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