File under "The Replacements," but don't file away. Get It Wrong It's Alright is the disc you wish Tommy Stinson would make but doesn't have to now, since his old Perfect bandmates, Marc Solomon and Robert Cooper, are doing it for him. Solomon, singing through the nose stuck in his throat and fronting a band of local greats--including ex-End Over End-er David Mabry on bash-and-pop drums and Chad Stockslager, of Budapest One, on Nieve keys--picks up where Perfect was forced to leave off when it left a disc in the can and on the shelf, till its posthumous release last year. The raucous opener, "Welcome Down," even sarcastically wonders, "When did you get so perfect?" before insisting that you'd be wise to walk off your "disappointment and grief" when things don't quite work out. Embrace the disc for its familiar moments--the catchy riffs that open "Waste Awhile" and "Worth It?," the KISS homage of "And Now...," the Small Faces tributes that loom large elsewhere. But also dig on the maturity of the formerly Clumsy Solomon as he sticks the jingly-jangly-lovely-lonely ballads in the middle of the disc and demands you stick around to listen. Twenty-plus listens in, and Get It Wrong It's Alright is still all right, and then some. Perfect, you could say.


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